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The mission of the market is to provide an outlet for local farmers, farm products, and other consciously, locally-created foods. Through the market our community can learn about seasonality and sustainable farming practices by getting to know the people who grow their food. The Market aims to empower the consumer through education and awareness, helping the community to make active decisions towards the betterment of their personal health, that of their families, and the planet as a whole.


The Seaside Farmers Market is comprised of local growers and artisans who offer edible products that are healthy and consciously created.  The market is year-round and located in downtown Seaside, Florida.

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours

Memorial Day Weekend (May) - Labor Day (Sept)
Saturdays & Tuesdays   8am-12pm

Winter Hours

Labor Day (Sept) - Memorial Day Weekend (May)
Saturdays   9am-1pm

Rain or Shine!

Downtown Seaside, Florida
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

2015 Seaside Farmers Market Vendor Information

We will begin accepting NEW vendors March of 2015



• To connect local farmers with consumers

• To incubate new small, food oriented businesses in Walton and surrounding Counties

• To educate and bring awareness

• To foster community

• To be part of the solution to the current broken food system.
This solution includes communication, absolute honesty, organic and sustainable practices.



Market Manager MUST approve all items sold.

• Regional Produce

• Horticulture products, seeds, edibles, organics, native

• Locally mended compost, fertilizers, soil
(all products must be packaged, no bulk bins unless otherwise approved).

• Honey

• Cheese

• Fresh Baked Goods, breads, cakes, pies

• Ethnic foods

• Regional Farm Bureau Items (peanuts, sugar, beef, milk, eggs)

• Handmade Soaps

• Dried Fruits and nuts

• Dried Herbs

• Processed/value added foods (jarred or canned goods, preserves, pickling, salsa, granola, etc.)

• Ready to eat (prepared food to eat right away)

• Coffee and Tea

All items must meet the requirements of local and state agencies.

If selling by weight, your scales must be inspected by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services of Bureau of Weights and Measures.

Growers and producers are subject to field inspections by market manager to verify the source of produce offered for sale.

New Farms will be visited prior to acceptance.

LOCAL is defined as Florida, Southern Georgia, and Southern Alabama.



The Market starts promptly at the start time.
Vendors must be set-up by the open time and stay the entire market.

Memorial Day Weekend (May) - Labor Day (Sept) (Summer Hours)
Saturdays & Tuesdays   8am-12pm

Labor Day (Sept) - Memorial Day Weekend (May) (Winter Hours)
Saturdays   9am-1pm



The market is a rain or shine event.  In the event of severely inclement weather the market will be closed down at the discretion of the market manager.



The spaces between the trees have been reserved for the year and will be up for renewal March 13th 2013.  Vendors with designated spaces forfeit their space if they are not in the space one half hour before the market’s official start time, unless prior arrangements have been made with Market Manager. Vendors without a designated space will be asked to move if they set-up in a reserved spot prior to a half hour before the market start time. Open spaces are located on the main amphitheater lawn.

NOTE: Reserving a space by paying the full donation amount for the year does not guarantee electricity, parking, or a reserved place on the part of SEASIDE.  This arrangement is within the confines of the group of vendors of the market, Seaside does not receive any of the donation money, the money is solely for the minimal operations of the market.

• Each vendor gets approximately a 10x10 space to set-up

• Vendors provide their own tent, table, and signage, all of which must be secure against weather and foot traffic.

ALL product labeling MUST meet the local and state agency requirements; this is solely the responsibility of the vendor.

ALL produce and Farm Bureau Items MUST be labeled with the name of your farm or originating farm, location, price, and HOW the product is grown (organic, pesticide free, conventional, biodynamic, hydroponic, aquaculture, etc.).

• Electricity is very limited and reserved for those who absolutely need it for food temperature safety.

• All food vendors are required to follow the proper food handling procedures enforced by the Department of Agriculture. (maintain food temperature, gloves, sanitizers, trash receptacles).

• All paper products must be secured from weather and MUST be sustainable.

• Use as little disposable products as possible, and biodegradable products over plastic. NO STYROFOAM is permitted at the market.

• The Market Manager may require the removal of objectionable items that have not been approved or may not fit the Objectives or meet the Rules and Regulations of the Seaside Farmers Market.  If asked to remove an item you must do so immediately.  You may submit an application for the item, or a Resolution Form regarding the item.



The Seaside Farmers Market is coordinated and governed by the Market Manager, Jenifer Kuntz.  All rules and regulations of the market are enforced by the Market Manager and have been approved by the Seaside Community Development Corporation.

The Market Manager may require the removal of objectionable items that have not been approved or may not fit the objectives or meet the rules and regulations of the Seaside Farmers Market.  If you have been asked not to sell an item and you continue to do so you will be asked to leave the market and will loose selling privileges.

All Vendors must meet the requirements of the Seaside Farmers Market and sign the vendor agreement.  Vendors will not be allowed to participate without meeting the requirements or signing the agreement.

Vendor selection is given priority to vendors who represent the Objectives of the Seaside Farmer’s Market.

Food must be original and non-competing with local Seaside businesses.

Vendor Helpers and Aids are not automatically grandfathered into the market, they must also apply if they would like to sell at the market.



Once an application is submitted it may be up to two weeks before you hear back about your application. 
Please submit you’re your application in a timely manner to your desired start date.

Go to online application form

Download pdf application here



THERE IS NO COST TO PARTICIPATE IN THE MARKET. We collect a suggested donation of $5 in the winter months and $10 in the summer months from each vendor to pay for our newsletter, posters, and various market needs, this is not a required payment.



ALL product labeling and signage MUST meet the local and state agency requirements.  ALL produce and Farm Bureau Items MUST be labeled with the name of your farm or originating farm, location, price, and HOW the product is grown (organic, pesticide free, conventional, biodynamic, hydroponic, aquaculture, etc.).  Please see Department of Agriculture Requirements for details on all labeling.



If you are vending and using any paper/plastic products you may provide your own trash receptacle.  Seaside does provide some temporary trash cans for each market, however your area must be kept neat and clean the area must not be altered in any way.  Please leave the space as you found it.



Vendors shall maintain a courteous and professional manner at the market.  No alcohol may be consumed at the market.  Refrain from profanity.  Absolutely no smoking within the confines of the market.



If you have a complaint, suggestion, or concern please submit a Resolution Form to the market manager for review.  This form is available at Raw and Juicy.



Parking in Seaside is very limited; vendors are required to unload their wares and park their vehicles around the Seaside Neighborhood School.  Seaside security will watch your things for you while you park your car.



Vendors are responsible for maintaining required licensure, code requirements, and proper handling practices for the production and sale of all items.  Prepared or prepackaged food must be made in a licensed kitchen. Vendors must meet all regulations in terms of cleaning products, processes and utensils. Any infraction of rules, citations or penalties shall be solely the vendors’ responsibility.



All items sold must be approved by the market manager and relevant to the Objectives of the market.  We are a food-based market emphasizing education, awareness, sustainability, organic, and conscious food preparation.   Please have ALL new items approved through market manager with an application.



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