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Jenifer Kuntz is the owner of Raw & Juicy, an organic raw vegan food, juice bar and otherwise deliciously good eating establishment that serves its “healthy fixins” from a converted Airstream along Scenic Highway 30A in Seaside, Florida, on the Gulf Coast.  Raw & Juicy animates and personifies its menu offerings by giving juices such names as Green Goddess, Spicy Rabbit and Zippy Hula and by serving lunch staples of hearty rice and beans topped with sliced avocado and spicy salsa a name like the Costa Rican.


Seaside is the showcase town for New Urbanism, an urban planning concept that emphasizes a lifestyle of walking and biking to amenities in and around a town center.  A natural extension of the juice bar was Kuntz’s development of the Seaside Farmers Market, a year-round, predominantly organic market that offers everything from organic local fresh baby kale and spicy arugula to farm fresh duck eggs and everything in between.  Seaside Farmers Market began with a few vendors nearly five years ago and now accommodates more than 30 vendors who circle the outer perimeter of Seaside’s amphitheater every Saturday morning.  Kuntz has established more than just a fresh market of locally grown produce, she has inspired vendors to think outside the box about their possibilities and has created one of the area’s most popular Saturday morning gathering spots.


Raised in Alaska, Jenifer and her mother lived off the land filling their freezer with fish caught from the deep sea and moose and caribou from local hunters.  From an early age she developed an appreciation for local food.  Jenifer graduated with a B.A. in Performing Arts from Colorado State University and performed as a dancer for several years in various dance companies and independent projects throughout the U.S.During her college years in Fort Collins, Jenifer worked in the juice bar at Alfalfa’s, a local health food store.  This was Jenifer’s first look into the world of healing the body through homeopathic measures and a place where she was surrounded with individuals who were healing themselves with wholefoods, raw foods and holistic eating techniques.


Most recently, Jenifer became a certified Ayurvedic Consultant at the Maharishi University of Management.  Ayurvedic Consultants advise on nutrition, and lifestyle based on what is learned about a person’s dosha, or constitution.  In conjunction with her Ayurvedic studies and affiliation with the Dear Prudence Foundation, Jenifer voyaged to India to attend the Kumbh Mela festival, a mass Hindu pilgrimage at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers for the purification from sin.

 The Raw & Juicy brand continues to expand and now includes the sale of packaged raw food products, guest chef appearances, real-food cleanses, classes in raw food preparation and yoga and raw food retreats.

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